Finding Inspiration 101: Origami in the Garden

As an artist, or simply an individual, it can sometimes be hard to find resources for inspiration to fuel your ideas. Life can become mundane or repetitive in our busy daily lives. Yet, we all need to find different ways and creative outlets to inspire and motivate us. From my experience, doing activities you enjoy are great ways to spark creativity.

Here at Kreativmix, I enjoy partaking in activities to get my creative juices flowing including: art festivals, galleries, nature, music events, food, travel, family and friends, my community, shopping, farmers markets, searching online galleries, creative blog posts, trends, movies, books, etc....this list goes on and on. The possibilities to be inspired are limitless! Life is an adventure so it's great to go out and explore in different ways!

As mentioned above, I enjoy attending art festivals/events and recently I was fortunate to attend Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden: Origami in the Garden. This event occurred at night, which made the event more special, and consisted of about a 1/2 mile walk through the Gardens at Claremont College. At different checkpoints, there were live music, pathways lit by candles, and outdoor animal themed origami sculptures. See the photos below:

 Photos taken at Claremont Colleges Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Bird in Flight Horse with Wings
Folded Airplane Buffalo


These photos captured a piece of this special event that really inspired me to create my own animal origami design for a new product: cat origami (see below)

Origami Cat that I hand made:                             Post origami digital design:



Origami product design:


I encourage finding fun and positive resources for your own inspiration! Stay tuned for new inspirations!